Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TOS Review:Time4Learning

I have been debating for a while if I wanted to add in some computer based learning for my girls. I thought it possibly give me more time to work with one of the girls while the other did lessons on the computer. The real problem I had though was is it enough? We had the opportunity to review Time4Learning so hang on as we share our experience with it in my first TOS Review Crew review!

Basic Information:Product: Time4learning

Type of Curriculum: Web Based

Price: $19.95 for the first child and $14.95 per child afterward

Money Back Guarantee: 14 day money back policy

Contact Information: Contact Time4learning

Time4Learning is an online learning program directed at children grades Pre-K and up to 8th grade. There are two different levels, lower (pre-k-3rd) and upper (4th-8th). We specifically reviewed the lower level since my girls are 1st and 2nd grades respectively.

The lower level offers curriculum for language arts, social studies, science, and math. You can either use all of them as your core or you can use individual sections to supplement your existing curriculum. We peeked at most of the sections but focused mostly on the social studies (lessons such as map skills) and science (lessons such as the food chain) as these were two areas that we were actually lacking in. You can see lesson demos on the site here. Upon registering your parent log in, you will be able to go into the parent section and set up lessons, time requirements and limits and check grades.

This is where parents can check grades, time spent on lessons and other details of their child's account.

 After you register your children and set up a password for each of them, they can then log in and do a lesson. The lessons for science and social studies are presented as a story with reviews during the lesson and a quiz after the section. The stories did great at keeping the girls attention. My oldest particularly enjoys it. I have been very pleased with how willingly she will attempt the reading portions. After finishing the lessons your child is allotted time on the "playground" which includes all kinds of age appropriate games. It provides a great incentive to doing the lesson.

 What I loved:
The interactive stories kept the girls interested.

There was no extra purchase needed.

The courses for science and history were comprehensive enough that I did not feel like I needed to supplement at the lower levels. The math wasn't enough for me, but could be for your family. I think that is a matter of preference.

For the most part it could be done independently.

If you are using at least two of the courses it is worth the cost.

Some things to think about:

If you are only needing one course, it probably isn't worth the money.

Some parts of the lesson require reading, so if your child isn't a fluent reader, you will need to be there to help.

We really have enjoyed Time4learning, but the cost of having two children and really not needing it for multiple subjects will keep us from renewing.

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I was given a free trial of this product in exchange for an honest review for TOS. All opinions are 100% mine and are truthful to the best of my ability. There may be affiliate links in this post. Please visit my full disclosure policy here.

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