Monday, September 19, 2011

TOS Review: AIMS Primarily Magnets

We love science in this house! It was my major in college and I have two girls that go crazy any time we are on the science aisle at the store. I wasn't exactly sure what we would be getting when we were chosen to review AIMS so I was over the moon when the book arrived and it turned out to be AIMS Primarily Magnets.

AIMS Primarily Magnets is geared toward children from K-2nd grade and is available in both a bound version and a PDF version for $18.95. The book offers 19 activities, a cd with printables and 85 pages of learning fun! If you do not already own some, you will need to purchase some. AIMS does offer a set of the magnets, but that was a little more than we needed so we just went to our local hobby store and purchased some. I consider this an investment though, because as you will learn in this review, magnets were a big hit in this family!

We had so much fun with this book. The lessons were well written and easy to understand. They also provided just enough "learning" and fun that they kids never lost interest. In fact it was the opposite! I had to stop them from jumping ahead of me! The lessons even caught my 3 year old's attention, and he sat through and participated in every one of them!

We didn't have time to get through every lesson, but we did enjoy learning about what type of  items are magnetic and which are not. The set up also led into many side conversations and experiments such as will a magnet work under water. We are looking forward to completing the other activities. We are especially looking forward to painting with magnets!

I really can not express how much we enjoyed this book. I love that it completely engaged my children with hands on activities. I also loved that it was not time intensive for me. There was very little prep work needed (print worksheets and gather materials) and I didn't need to be a genius to teach the lessons. To top that off, it was easy to adapt all the way from my 7 year old down to my 3 year old. The only concerning thing about it is, if you are looking for a year long curriculum you will need to purchase more than just this book. That is something that I love about it though, as we are not good with long term relationships with science curriculum. I love that we will have just enough lessons to stay interested and then move on. We will definitely be checking out some of the other products by AIMS.

AIMS can be contacted here with any questions.

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I was given a free copy of AIMS Primarily Magnets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions here are 100% mine and accurate to the best of my ability. Please see my full disclosure policy here.

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Rachel E. said...

Looks like a wonderful book! Wow! I wish I had purchased this one for the year. Bookmark!! Next year, or maybe if I just feel like it!