Friday, September 30, 2011

Disney World Day 1

It was my intention to blog this as we went, but the days all blurred into one and I just didn't have time or energy! So I am going to chronicle them in a few different posts. I want to talk a bit about the deluxe dining plan and if it is worth it as well as give a few dinner reviews.

We had an early flight on Thursday, September 22nd so I dressed the kids in their travel clothes, we took down our last Mickey and they headed to bed!

Sort of. Luke ended up awake until after 10 and then slept on our floor and around 11pm the girls wandered into our room, unable to sleep. Finally, around midnight we were all asleep! I was rather restless, but everyone else was getting a good rest. We had to wake around 5am and by 6:30am we were headed to the airport! Of course everyone was so excited! We did cut it kind of close but got to the airport just in time to grab a quick bite to eat and head onto the plane. The kids did well. Luke slept for about half of it and since the flight is only 2 hours the girls colored and such. After you land you still have to go through the process of getting to the bus and then taking the bus to the resort so it was about 2pm before we were at the hotel.

 Thankfully, we had checked in online and other than sorting out Brianna's room card (she was booked with my MIL who hadn't arrived yet), it was pretty easy.The hotel was pretty fun! We really enjoyed walking around and checking out all of the decor. We even got an amazingly appropriate location in the 90's building right above a giant laptop (my DH is a computer tech and junkie).

 We stopped by the room to drop off our carry on luggage and then headed to Magic Kingdom to get a few rides in before heading to our 5pm reservation at Yactsman.

We headed straight for Space Mountain. This year both Brianna and Keira were tall enough to get on most of the rides, but it truly surprised me when Brianna wanted to go on this one! She loved it, though it did make me a bit nervous with her being in her own seat.

By the time we finished Space Mountain we had to head to the restaurant. It had been raining, but we didn't have time to go back and freshen up so off we went. We arrived at the Beach Club looking like travel weary drowned rats. The restaurant turned out to be a upper class steak house and we looked completely out of place. The waitress was either feeling very sorry for me or unsure of my parental abilities as she kept coming by the table offering to do things that I should be doing (not that I wasn't doing them, she just sort of interjected herself. It was very strange.). Karl and I both ordered steak and the kids had chicken and mac and cheese. The atmosphere was amazing. It was quiet and relaxing and if it hadn't been for how tired and gross we were feeling, we would have really enjoyed it. The food was OK. I don't know that I would have paid out of pocket for it, but it was good and the kids got a really neat desert that they "decorated" themselves.

After we ate my MIL and SIL arrived so we headed back to the hotel to see them and to get some rest for the next day at Epcot!

Click here to see our Disney Deluxe Dining Plan Details and to read if we thought it was worth the cost to upgrade!

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