Monday, August 15, 2011

Disney World Paint Chip Countdown Calendar

I have been having a blast finding fun and frugal ways to get us all excited about our September 2011 Disney World Trip. Browsing the internet gave me quite a few ideas and one of my favorites was the Paint Chip Countdown Calendar. This one is mine:

For those that don't know, paint chips are the sample cards you find at your local hardware store that have the different paint colors on them. HomeDepot carries the Behr brand of Disney paints and the paint chip cards are cute Mickey heads. My dad picked mine up for me, but if you decide to do this, I think the best way to go about it would be to either get them while you are actually purchasing paint, or to ask if you can have them. After all, the store does have to pay for them. Anyways, there are numerous cute ways to do this, but since I don't have a fancy die cut machine and didn't feel like taking the time to cut out numbers I just took a black marker and put down the days. As we hit each day we will take one down! The cards are great because they gradually change tones and colors and it gives a really neat effect.

Here are a few other ideas that I will be adding to as I find more!

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Faith said...

My daughters made a paper chain for our September Disney trip, it's fun to count down. We'll have to keep your design in mind, we can use our Cricut for the Mickey Head