Monday, August 15, 2011

Aluminum Foil Crafts

This blog is in honor of my friend Jessica over at Feeding the Family for Less. We had a bit of a joke about her doing a blog on aluminum foil. I got the feeling that she thought I should stick with writing homeschool posts. I agreed, but why can't I do both. So here it is, a homeschool post about aluminum foil:

The History of Aluminum Foil

All About the Element Aluminum

How is Aluminum Recycled?

Aluminum Can Crafts

You can use foil to make models or to do embossing crafts too!


Jessica said...


Liz Joseph said...

Wow- I have never seen such a neat and tidy lesson plan about aluminum foil! If I were to win this large amount of foil I think I may use some to create some space age looking dress up accesories with my 3 yr old who has to have at least 3 accessories on at all times- even with her pj's!

Dorothy said...

I am sending this to enter Jessica's contest.

blessedintexas said...

I entered the Feeding Your Family For Less contest! Yay for aluminum foil. So many helpful and fun uses :)

HillaryM said...

I have entered on Feeding Your Family For Less. You could also line a box with it, put a light bulb in and have a grow box for a seedling. (From Apologia's elementary Botany book)

Line a box that has had one side replaced with a lens of some sort to focus the sun's rays. Place a marshmallow on a skewer where those rays are focused and cook that marshmallow. This will get really hot so be careful! (From Supercharged Science's free class last week--or maybe the week before)

Heather said...

I also entered on Feeding the Family For Less. Who doesn't love foil?!