Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blissdom 2012 Sponsorship

It is time to start thinking about my trip to BlissDom! This will be my first year going and I am looking forward to finding some great sponsors and promoting some great products while I am there!

A little about me and my blog:
I average 5000 hits per month, have just over 500 subscribed readers through Google connect and Feedburner, 150 Facebook followers (I just created this page a few months ago so it is still young), and 275 Twitter followers. I also write for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew.

My costs for this trip are as follows:

Ticket to BlissDom :$278 based on last year's rates
Hotel: $400 with a shared room
Food: $150
Flights $300 as of August 8
Total: $1128

I have a friend in the area so I will not need a car to get to the hotel.

About Molding Minds: I am a mom blogger that writes primarily about homeschooling. I do reviews and giveaways. What I write comes from experience and from the heart. I only represent companies I love and that means that if we enter into a partnership I will promote your company wholeheartedly, because I would only accept sponsorship from a company I love! I am very outgoing and will work with you to make sure that I advertise your company the way you want me to. I want to customize the experience for you. I am looking forward to finding a great company to partner with! Please contact me at for information or to offer sponsorship.

Honorable Mention Sponsorship: $15

This level will get you 3 months of ad space on my side bar with a standard size button and a mention on my sponsor page.

Level 1 Sponsorship: $25

Will get you 3 months of ad space on my sidebar with a standard size button, a live tweet from BlissDom with your site link, and a mention on my sponsor page.

Level 2 Sponsorship:$50

All of the level 1 and level 2 benefits plus a short company mention on my blog live from BlissDom and a Facebook mention.

Level 3 Sponsorship: $100

All of the benefits of the first 3 levels plus a total of 3 live Twitter mentions and 3 live facebook mentions, a large advertising space(180x150 imu) at the top above the fold for 3 months.

Level 4 Sponsorship: $500

All of the above plus a total of 6 months large advertising space, your website printed on my business cards that I will give out at BlissDom, once a month mentions on Twitter, facebook and my blog until the end of February, 10 live Twitter posts with your company website and a full dedicated blog post about your company. I will also host a giveaway for your company if you desire.

Level 5 Sponsorship: Full Sponsorship $1128

All of the above plus 1 year of large advertising space above the fold, Tweeting before and throughout Blissdom about your company, your company logo on my Facebook and Twitter for 1 month, your company's site added to my signature at the end of all of my blog posts for 1 year, your companies logo and website on my business cards to be handed out at BlissDom, 2 full dedicated posts about your company one before and one after BlissDom). I will also work with you to find the best way to advertise your company at blissdom, whether it be me wearing your logo or handing out your flyers, I will do anything you ask within reason.

I am ready to go to BlissDom. I am ready to meet other mom bloggers and learn how to better serve my sponsors. I promise that anyone who partners with me will get my full attention toward promoting your company. Feel free to browse around my site, visit some of my sponsored posts, and contact me if you need any more information!

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