Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why yes I do think I can...

This is going to be a vent blog. I have to do this every now and then or the person(s) who say or ask me these questions may end up getting more than they bargained for.

"You think you can educate your child better than we can?" -the public school system

Well let me answer that for you with a resounding YES! As a matter of fact I have taught, or at least been a large part of everything my child has learned up until now and I have done a great job! Further more if I have not learned enough to be able to teach my children the basics of elementary math and reading, perhaps that is why I am not putting my own children through such a sub-par education. Further more, until the public school system can boast more than a 49% graduation rate (dallas 2008) please dont tell me that I am going to do a worse job. It's just insulting.

"You want your children to have your "narrow" world views?!"-non-Christian/religious person(s)

Yes, I believe with all my heart it is my job and my responsibility to teach my children my values and morals rather than allowing the world to indoctrinate them with lies. I believe with all my heart that I have been given the responsibility to teach them the truth and that the truth will never line up with your world views. I will continue to teach them how to carry that truth through a world that will call them narrow minded and ignorant, while still holding on to their convictions.

"How will you teach them that they can be something more than a wife and a mother?"

Well, quite frankly I resent that question. As if the job I do is not as important as becoming a doctor and making lots of money. Secondly, I dont need to teach them that. The world surrounds them with "opportunity" to abandon their children and husbands in pursuit of wealth and power. Yep, thats right. I am one of those. One who believes that the best place I can be is at home raising my children and gasp! supporting my husband. I will encourage my children to get a college education, because realistically at some point they will probably need to support themselves and there is a chance that they may need to suppliment income, but I will encourage my girls to be wives and mothers when the time comes. And if they chose to work that is their decisions.

"Well I knew this one homeschooler..."

Oh oh oh just stop there, because I know about 500 public schooled kids...Right you see, that ONE homeschooler you know can not be used to judge the whole homeschool community. I know plenty of weird and socially awkward public school kids.

I wont bother with the socialization thing. Im bored with answering that.

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