Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Young Living Oils?

As I have journeyed through the change to eating "Real Food", making healthier medical decisions for my family just made sense. I have been using oils for a little while, but if I am honest, I just couldn't bring myself to try Young Living Oils. I mean lets face it. Oils in the big box store are about 1/3 the price of Young Living Oils. So what changed my mind?

As I was talking to a good friend who had recently taken the plunge herself, and reading and research brought me to story after story of how Young Living Oils had changed how their own families handled illness and minor injury and as I noticed that my bottle of $11 Eucalyptus was taking me 20+ drops for me to even be able to smell it, I began to wonder if I was in fact, getting what I paid for. So one day, my friend kindly allowed me to use some of her RC for a persistent cough I had. I grabbed some oil and was about to pour several drops of RC into it when I decided to ask her first how many drops I should use. One. One? Yes, one. Yeah, least that was what I was thinking. I rubbed my one drop of RC mixed with coconut oil onto my chest and walked away skeptical. I was completely cough free for 4 hours. Not only that, but my congestion cleared up and within 24 hours was completely gone and not a single OTC medication had been able to clear it up!

I was sold on the RC, but remained skeptical of the other oils, until my own kit came in. Now I have first hand seen the immune boosting power of Thieves, the congesting clearing power of Eucalyptus, the air purifying qualities of Purification, the calming power of Lavender and so much more. Not only have I seen these oils work first hand, but I have seen them work with a fraction of the amount the big box oils needed. The potency of Young Living Oils just can't be beat and that gives you your money's worth.

What are oils?

Oils are concentrated potent plant extracts that can be used for anything from immune support to treating headaches to purifying the air. Oils were man's first line of defense for illness and first aid are even mentioned in the Bible (Frankincense and Myrrh are two you probably recognize)!

What are oils used for?

Everything! Well, just about. Peppermint can be used for headaches, Thieves is used for immune support and as a disinfectant, lemon is great for tummy troubles and purifying the air, clove helps with tooth aches, and lavender helps with itchy bug bites, scrapes and bruises. The possibilities are literally too numerous to name! Whether you are looking for an antibacterial, mood support or PMS support there is an oil for you. The best part is that oils are hypo-allergenic and if you do have a side effect they are usually very mild.

Oils can even be used on children though I suggest doing some research on just how to use oils with children and babies. Stephanie at Real Food Enthusiast suggests Gentle Babies as a good resource. For adults I recommend using the Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils.

Why Young Living Oils?

I know, I know. Why pay $44 for a bottle of Thieves when you can go to the store and purchase oils for much less? One word:quality.

Young Living Oils are extracted using gentle methods that allow the oils to stay 100% pure. Because Young Living owns its own farms they oversee the process of making oils from seed to seal. Because of the quality of Young Living oils, most of the oils they produce are safe to consume. Something store purchased cheap oils can not boast.

When you are talking about your health and your families health you are making an investment and the best investment you can make is to purchase high quality oils from a reputable company. When you purchase inexpensive oils from the store you are almost guaranteed to be getting oils that are on their 2nd or even 3rd distillation. It is a case of you get what you pay for.

”Even an oil which is quite truthfully described as pure may be of poor quality, and therefore of less value  therapeutically.  IF AN ESSENTIAL OIL COSTS MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT  TO PAY FOR IT, the oil may well be a third or fourth distillate from a batch of plant material which has already  yielded the greater part of its properties to the first or second distillation.” Aromatherapy An A-Z, by Patricia Davis, 1988, reprinted 1994, Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd., England, pp. 278-280.

The great thing about Young Living is that they offer ways to get discounted or even free product and you do not have to commit to selling the oils to get this discount!

For my family, it is about quality. I will not take chances with my families health and we work far too hard to keep our eating clean and to use natural cleaners to be skimping on the oils we use. Young Living has a great reputation and I have seen first hand how they help my family.

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Melissa said...

Hi Anna! I have been very interested in essential oils and their benefits lately. Do you think that it really has made a difference in your families health? Colds etc? You have a great blog.

Anna said...


It has! We have kicked 2 colds and have not had the flu at all despite being heavily exposed at my daughter's gymnastics practices! We use it for everything from tummy aches to tooth aches. They really have kept us from having to make unnecessary trips to the doctor. Let me know if you have any more questions. I would love to help you try Young Living if that is what you decide to do!

Thank you!