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A Day in the Life of an Oily Family

Brandy has shared with us all about how she uses her Young Living Oils every day. If you missed out on her post be sure to check it out on The Marathon Mom!


It took a while for me to be convinced of how great essential oils could be for our family. It took me even longer to be convinced that Young Living Oils were the way to go. Now, after using them for several months I am sold! We have used our oils for everything from sanitizing to getting a good nights sleep and I am excited to share with you what a typical day with oils looks like for our family!

I am cold natured and with it being winter I wake up nearly every day dreading getting out from under the blanket so the first thing I do is run a hot bath. With this being cold and flu season I use the steam from my bath as a chance to use my Eucalyptus to it's fullest. A few drops in the tub and the air is filled with congestion fighting oil!

Straight out of the bath it is time to oil up for the day. I am still building my stash and can't wait to get some Valor into my routine, but for now our routine includes RC on the chest, Thieves on spine and feet and I start up the diffuser with either Lemon, Thieves or if I have had an especially busy morning Lavender to help calm.

My daughter is a competitive gymnast and spends a lot of her time sore. Deep Relief roll on is her best friend right now! After she does her morning workout and stretch, I oil up her sore muscles to give her some relief. I have also had a crick in my neck and depending on how it feels I oil up my neck as well.

 I like to keep my Home Diffuser cycling through my "winter" oils. Through the day I will rotate Lemon, Thieves, RC, Oregano with Lemon, and Balsam Fir mixed with Lemon. I also throw in Cinnamon Bark on colder days to make the house feel warm as well as give us an immune boost.

While the kids are working on school it is time for me to clean! Young Living Oils has many great cleaners that I intend on trying, but for right now I am making my own by adding Thieves to my water and vinegar mix. Not only does it smell great but it disinfects and gets into the air to give us even more more immune power.

Ok, I know I said I was the one cleaning but he was so excited to
get to spray that I couldn't say no. Especially since I know
the Thieves in this mix is not only safe, but good for him!
3 Nights per week we head up to the gym for my daughters gymnastics practices. The gym really tries hard to keep things clean, but of course they use commercial cleaners. My newest oil in my arsenal is Purification. On gym nights when we get home I will be putting it into the diffuser so that we can breath it in and detox our lungs a bit.

After gymnastics is finished and dinner is eaten it is time to get ready for bed. Lavender goes into the diffuser and we all sit in my room together doing a family activity while relaxing and breathing in the Lavender. Thieves is again rubbed into spines and feet and snuggles are given. Time to head to bed. I have run Lavender for a few more hours in my bedroom the last 2 nights and have slept hard and uninterrupted for the first time in months. Thank you Young Living Oils!

This is just what we use daily. There are so many more uses for oils that I could never hope to name them all. This past month we have used Thieves for a toothache, Lemon for tummy troubles and for cooking, Stress Away for hard days, Deep Relief for cluster headaches, and Oregano as part of our cold and flu season routine, and this is just cracking the surface.

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