Monday, March 25, 2013

We Choose Virtues: A Mosiacs Review

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I never wanted to teach character separately from the rest of our academics. To me academics and character training go hand in hand. I have to admit, that this made me skeptical of using any sort of curriculum or manipulative other than the Bible to teach my children Godly character traits. That is, until I was offered a chance to review We Choose Virtues.

We Choose Virtues is an easy to use, bright, colorful and fun program that helps you teach different traits. Using catchy phrases and cute characters such as, Chuck and Duck's "I am diligent! I start fast, work hard and finish strong!", helps your child to remember each trait they are practicing. What is even better is that the cards come in 3 different versions: secular, NIV and KJV. The secular cards are great if you prefer to use a different version of the Bible not offered.

There are many products in many price ranges to choose from. A full homeschool kit will cost you about $99 or you can choose to purchase individual items such as the Virtue Clue Cards for $5.99!
We were blessed with a chance to review the KJV We Choose Virtues Flash Cards ($14.99), the downloadable Teacher's Manual ($5), the downloadable Kids of Virtueville Coloring Book ($3), as well as two free items: the Family Character Assessment and Memory Verses, Bible Truths and Heroes.

We have always begun each day with praying and our independent Bible time so adding in We Choose Virtues was pretty easy. At the beginning of each week I chose a card and introduced the virtue we would be learning that week. We would "meet" the character and read the card and the Bible verse together a few times. After that we hung the card up on the fridge so that would walk by and see it several times per day. Now this is where the Teacher's Handbook comes in handy. The Handbook is full of great teaching ideas and suggestions on how to help your child learn the virtue as well as fun ideas on how to practice. Throughout the week we added reading the scripture (we didn't memorize it as we already have a list of scripture we are memorizing). We also spent time talking about how to exhibit the virtue and of course, coloring our coloring page that went with it! The most fun I had was calling the children out when they did an especially good job with the virtues! My 4 year old son loved it when I praised him and we all clapped for how diligently he cleaned his room.

There are so many wonderful things about this program. Yes, you can teach all of these virtues without ever picking up a flashcard or a coloring sheet, but We Choose Virtues has so many great resources that help children to really internalize the meanings of those virtues. The products can all be used individually, as supplemental material or you can purchase the kit and have an entire curriculum. The products are affordable, fun and easily adaptable. Most of all, you and your children will have fun learning Christ-like virtues!

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Anonymous said...

Great review,Anna!! The teacher's manual is a blessing for sure.

Mrs. Stephens said...

I like you honestly in this review.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your review.

Crystal said...

Love your review! It really is great to see them light up when you catch them doing something to show virtues.

Jennifer said...

I love how you talk about your initial skepticism. Very open and honest!

Kimberly Richter said...

I enjoyed reading your review! Thanks.