Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready 2 Read - Review

I was searching for a reading curriculum that would help my older cousins learn to read.  Someone in a group I am part of recommended Ready 2 Read by the Moffatt Girls.  The lady who wrote the curriculum, Annie Moffatt, is a former elementary teacher - now stay at home mom.  The curriculum utilizes word families and sight words simultaneously in teaching a child to read.  Your child must know the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes.  She recommends the Leap Frog Letter Factory and that is a sound idea.  My kids loved it ;)  Go here, to the Moffatt Girls blog, to find out more about the program and view all the pertinent information!

I intended on trying to use this for a couple of older children who had learning disabilities.  Once I got it and printed it out, I recognized this was not going to work for them.  Not because the information is not valid, but because it is definitely geared toward younger children.  The 13 and 14 year old would not have appreciated the singing, cutting, and gluing like the younger set does!

So, I decided on something different for them and gathered my little ones.  They are 7, 6, and 4.  I have to say that they really loved it.

Little ones, gathered, sitting in the dining room classroom.

They had fun tracing.

They had fun cutting.

They had fun gluing. 

We sang the sight words, made a book, studied two word families, and generally had a good time with this program.

All of them, including my four year old, learned the five sight words that went with unit one by the end of the week.  Since we have the sight word caterpillar hanging up on our wall, we frequently refer to it and the kids will randomly go to it, point to a word and say it.  Go here to see more pictures of the program.

Annie has done a great job laying out this curriculum and showing you how to use it.  There is a lesson plan that tells you what to do on what day, which is very, very helpful.

I liked this program well enough that I bought Level One in its entirety.   The purchase options are very simple and the price is very good too. It is *only* $5 a unit.  There are 8 units total and if you buy the bundle, you save money because the price is discounted to $32.

Keep in mind, this program is delivered digitally and you are in charge of printing it out or having it printed out.

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