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Review: In the Hands of a Child Favorite Animated Ballets Lapbook

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Every now and then we need a break from the regular routine of school. One of my favorite ways to do that is to pull out a lapbook and the best lapbooks are those that are both fun and educational! And what little girl doesn't dream of being a ballerina? In the Hands of a Child does it again with this Favorite Animated Ballets lapbook!

Basic Information
Favorite Animated Ballet
Price: $15

Extras needed: Barbie Ballet DVDs-Twelve Dancing Princesses, Swan Lake, and Nutcracker
Card stock or file folders for lapbook base

We decided to use 12x12 cardstock to make our lapbooks. Brianna had fun designing her cover!

The Favorite Animated Ballets lapbook takes your child through the Barbie animated versions of Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Barbie of Swan Lake and of course, Barbie in the Nutcracker. Besides getting to watch the DVDs for each ballet your child will study fascinating facts from each of the ballets including fun things such as ballet positions, mythical creatures, and even how to make sugar plums. But moms, don't worry! There is plenty of other learning in there too! From the composers of the beautiful music featured in the Ballets, to vocabulary and even some math, your child will get a full range of school activities!
Favorite Animated Ballets by In the Hands of a Child Covers All of the Core Subjects!
Here is geography and some home ecconomics.

Pros: This is an inclusive lapbook. Every subject is covered at least to some extent. It gives a lot of room for taking rabbit trails and we found ourselves spending extra time studying certain things (my daughter is a HUGE fan of unicorns!). The lapbook is easily adaptable to various ages, though I would say it would most appeal to girls ages 5-12. There are lots of notes and as always with In the Hands of a Child products, the instructions for Favorite Animated Ballet are clear and easy to follow. Something else that I really liked was that there was a lot of easier cutting for younger children. We have done some pretty complicated lapbooks and sometimes even I had a hard time cutting it out! Since I like for my children to be able to do as much of it as possible this was a huge pro. I also really liked the faith based activities and information that was included with the exception of one thing which I will mention in the con section.

Putting on a Nutcracker Puppet Show!

Cons: There is a lot of information and this one took us longer than normal, but that was mostly because we were having so much fun! You will need to plan about 3-5 days per ballet. I don't know that this would appeal to a typical boy but I think with a little work you could make it work! There was one section that concerned me in the 12 dancing princesses that had to do with the spiritual significance of 12. I wish they had left that out, but it is easily skipped over.

Favorite Animated Ballets was a fun and educational activity and we are looking forward to doing many more lapbooks by In the Hands of a Child!

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