Monday, December 19, 2011

Yearly Wrap Up and New Year Resolutions

I know I say this every year, but every year how quickly time has passed surprises me!

This has been a hard year for me. I have lost friendships that I thought would last forever. Friendships that meant the world to me and to my children. Friendships that could have been salvaged if there had just been a little more listening and a lot less accusation. However, the Lord has also chosen to teach me through those losses that I was relying heavily on my friends when I should have been relying on Him! He has also chosen to give me new friendships that I treasure dearly and have been wonderfully uplifting. How I am thankful!

This has also been a year of struggles for me concerning the kids curriculum. I feel like I have jumped around so much that I am sure to have damaged them in some way! I found a million things that I loved one minute only to hate the next. We pushed through some of them but alot of them I just couldn't do after a few weeks. Again though, we have finally found something that appears to be working!

Oh the schedule! I also had to come to terms with the fact that I am not super mom and being a good mom doesn't have to involve 3 sports each, music lessons, and weekly enrichment classes. That in fact, I was stretched so thin that nothing was getting my full attention and now instead of 2-3 well done things I had 10-15 half done things! We have dropped all extra curricular activities that involve a regular meeting and picked up Frontier Girls which allows you to earn badges individually at your own pace. I have also put together a MOTH Schedule (blog coming soon) which, although has been difficult to get into the habit of following, has really helped.

Last, but not least it is time for resolutions! I have resolved this year that with the help of the Lord I will:

1. Focus more on my primary ministry of home. I did let myself get caught up in activities over the last few years and I admit to battling with some plain ol sinful laziness.

2. Be more organized. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal naturally, but I concede that my husbands whole schedule thing may have  a bit of merit to it. The kids are better behaved and we are more productive when I at least follow a basic routine.

3. To encourage my husband more. He works so hard for us and it is only because of him (and the Lord's grace) that I am able to stay at home and homeschool our children.

Yes, my list is short and on the surface simple, but it is truly my desire to make my house a place of godliness and to be as encouraging to my family as I can and these are the 3 most practical ways I can do that. What about you? Do you have any New Year resolutions? Feel free to link up and leave a comment!

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hillbillywoman said...

I agree that too many extra-curricular activities (in our attempts to prove that our children are "properly socialized" is not a good thing. It takes away from what is really important in life - the nurturing of the family bond. Plus, too much running around from one thing to another takes time away from academics and adds stress to the family.