Thursday, September 9, 2010

Starting New

As you have probably noticed I have added a few information posts and a new PRE-K tab to my header. Let me explain.

To make a long story short last week I left my job. I was a teacher for a homeschool enrichment program that I helped build. I poured myself into that program working long hours outside of my regular hours because I loved it. My own children were both involved so that was an extra incentive to make it great. This year one thing after another happened and it was revealed that from as high as the pastor down to the administrator of the MDO our program was attached to, that things were not right and the environment became very stressful and toxic to work in. I have grieved over this program as the children involved have become very dear to me. This year was the first year for us to have over 10 enrolled and I was very excited! However, God made it clear to my husband and I that it was time to move on, and move on I have!

A friend and I have decided that since our gifts are working with children that we are going to open a 2 day a week pre-K out of my house and hopefully move it to a more sound church once it grows. This works out perfect for me since my children love to be around other kids and since we will be working from my home for now I will be able to keep my son in an environment that is familiar and consistent during these important years. Most of all it will not take away from my time as a wife and a mother! I think it is important to tell you that my husband is 100% behind this and is very excited! Over the past few days things have moved into place and already we have seen a good amount of interest and are hoping to start enrolling on Monday! If that isn't God moving I don't know what is since we only started "advertising" on Wednesday!

I will save all of the advertising for you to look at in your own time, but if you have a child and would like to see them in a safe, nurturing, Christian, play based Pre-K program and are in the Dallas Area please have a look and feel free to contact me!



Brandie said...

So fun!! Written perfectly!

Keri said...

Good luck Anna...sounds like God is moving for sure!!

Courtney Reed said...

Good luck Anna...sounds like God is moving for sure!!

Monica said...

Good luck Anna...sounds like God is moving for sure!!