Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Parent Handbook

Goals and Objectives
Build a positive self image
Increase your child’s confidence and independence
Learn to share with others
Alphabet and number recognition
Language skills and early writing
Social and emotional development
Ordering and sorting
Identify and use shapes
Gross and fine motor skills
Music and worship time
Discover that learning is fun!

We believe that each child is unique and special. Our program is designed to meet each child’s individual needs. We have a great responsibility to the children in our care and will provide your child with a safe, inspiring and educational intended to create a lifelong love of learning in your child.

Tuition Fees
There is a $50 enrollment/supply fee due at the time of your child’s enrollment. This fee is a non-refundable and due per child. Upon enrollment, you will need to return the Enrollment Form and a signed copy of the Parent Handbook.

Tuition is $125 a month due the first of each month. A late fee of $10 will be applied if tuition has not been received by the 10th of each month.

We also reserve the right to withdraw your child from the program for any reasons due to the best interest of your child and the other children enrolled.

School Hours
We are a Monday and Wednesday program, from 8:30-1:30. We ask that you do not bring your child before 8:25; this ensures ample time for the teacher to prepare their day. You are expected to pick your child up no later than 2:35. After this time, a fee of $1 per minute will be applied.

We follow the Forney ISD schedule. If FISD schools are closed for holidays or bad weather, we will be closed as well. Please check your local TV news or radio to find out about school closings. You will not receive a call from us regarding bad weather days.

What to Bring
Your child will need a backpack of some sort with an extra change of clothes. Sometimes little ones get busy and forget they need to stop and use the bathroom. We also believe in getting messy while learning and may need to change our clothes if we have too much fun.

Your child will also need a sack lunch every day. Please send finger food items, nothing that needs to be heated or that needs extra preparation time. This takes away from our play and learning time and requires a teacher to be away from the classroom.

If your child still naps, you will need a nap mat and a blanket. These can be left at school or brought back and forth from home.

Please keep all of your child’s personal toys at home.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures
Please bring your child to the door for drop off. I will not be able to leave the house to come out to your car due to other children who may have been dropped off or not picked up(in the afternoon). In general it is easier on the child and the parent/caregiver if the parent/caregiver does not come into the house at drop off as drop off can be a frightening experience to a young child who has never been away from their regular care giver. If you have questions or want to speak to your child’s teacher, please try to do this outside of school hours. The morning and afternoon pick-up procedures help eliminate congestion of people and help everyone to start their day more smoothly. We promise, there will be plenty of times when we have school get-togethers where you can observe your child interacting with their friends.

If your child will be absent, please be sure to let us know. If your child has been sick, please make sure they are well upon returning to school. Persistent coughs, green runny noses, rashes, and fever are all reasons to keep your child at home with you. Your child should stay home if they have a fever above 99.5. Your child needs to be clear of all contagious symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school. We will call you and ask that you pick up your child if they are sick or complaining of aches or pains. If your child requires medicine during the day, we will need a signed letter from you with all medication labeled.

There are no tuition credits for absentees.

Please have your child wear comfortable clothing and shoes. We do not promise that your child will come home nice and clean. It is our goal to teach your child and sometimes we might get messy in the kitchen, during centers or outside time.

Emergency Contacts
You will need to provide emergency contacts on your child’s enrollment form. These contacts can be used when a parent is not able to be reached. You can also use these contacts to pick up our child if you are not available. We do ask that you send a written note regarding a different person picking up your child. The person picking your child up will need to provide a driver’s license.

Playground Time
We will take the class outside every day, weather permitting. We have a playground, picnic table, trampoline, water slide, riding toys and a sandbox. If the weather is not cooperative, we will have extra playtime in the classroom.

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