Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Homeschooling Mom's Not So Perfect House

I get asked alot how I get my housework done and school done all in the same day. Well, I have decided it was time to come clean (pun intended). I am confessing. My house isn't always clean. *GASP*. I'm afraid it's true my dear friends. Sometimes I just don't get around to the housework. Sometimes I would just rather play with my children, and I do. Sometimes school takes us down a path that I didn't intend and what started out as a simple science lesson ends up being a 2 hour wait while we watch the ants pick up and carry off peices of the poptart that someone dropped. That is part of what makes homeschooling glorious! As important as it is to keep a clean and comfortable home, it is equally important to take those learning moments and go with the flow!

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