Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kids Bowl Free!

On the last day of co-op a parent was telling me about something she had been doing with her kids over the last few days and I wanted to share! Kids Bowl Free is a nationwide summer program that offers 2 free passes per day, per child to your family! There is no catch! You may still have to pay for shoes, but other than that all of your children (there is a limit of 6 on one account but the FAQ says all you need to do is create a second account!) can bowl free. On top of that awesome deal, they also offer a Family Pass for $24.99! The family pass allows you to put up to 4 adults on your account and each day each of those adults will also receive 2 passes to bowl. This is excellent! When we bowl it normally cost us around that price per game. Now we can bowl all summer!
If you decide to sign up I would love it if you would use for the referal. Each referal enters me to win a Disney World Vacation!

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