Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honey Bee Swarming Season

I took this picture out at my parents house.

This time of year is honey bee swarm season for Texas. In April we had a small swarm decide that it wanted to stop over in our front yard so what did we do? Took pictures and made it a school project of course! We waited 48 hours in hopes that the bees would move on but then had to call to have them removed. Unfortunately, leaving them, there was risking them building in our attic.

This is the swarm that landed in our tree. The removal guy said that it was very small. Only about 300 bees. These swarms can get huge! Think 25,000 bees or more!

First he had to get through the "guard bees". The queen is huddled deep in the middle with all the other bees protecting her.

This is the lapbook we are using to learn about honey bees. We are loving it!

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Stephanie @ Couponing 101 said...

Woah - those bees are so creepy!!