Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finishing up K-5

We started school in Janunary of last year so we are about to close out our first full year!! I am so proud of Brianna and I am proud of me! When we first started this journey the idea was just being tested. Now, a year later my husband is convinced and I am definitely convinced that this was the best way to go! I have really enjoyed watching my daughter grow and learn in a way that fostered a love for learning. Are we still working out kinks? For sure. Do we still have rough days? Definitely. But, we have seen this year bring such joy, that I have no second thoughts about continuing on homeschooling next year.

Technically, Brianna is about a semester ahead of her peers. It just worked out this way since we started in Jan instead of Aug. I have learned alot about Brianna. Brianna loves to work in workbooks, but is very easily discouraged when she really wants to master something and can't get it right away. She is slowly learning that a little practice goes along way and I have seen her really take off. Her favorite subject is math, which shouldn't suprise me because she is very musical too. She loves to sing, and often makes up her own songs, which can be quite brilliant sometimes. We also have started piano. She struggles with reading, but it goes back to the wanting to have it mastered NOW, thing. She is still eager to learn, but I find that I need to sneak in our LA into things that are a little more fun. She needs lots of praise when she has finished her books.

I am really looking forward to starting with Keira, but she isnt quite as academic as her sister so it looks like we are going to stick with the coloring sheets and dot to dots for a while. I would be happy with her just playing but she is so excited about starting that she requests sheets.

We will be having an end of the year party when my brother comes down from VA. I am so excited to be able to celebrate our accomplishments!


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It sounds like Brianna is excelling! Great job to all of you!