Monday, December 29, 2008

Reading Woes

Some Resources:
Starfall Phonics
Whole Language Reading

I found this site that does phonics games and reading practice and the girls love it. I have been struggling to keep Brianna's interest in reading. She wants instant gratification and doesn't quite understand that reading takes practice, so finding this site was a God send. Check it out if you haven't already.

I am thinking about the Bob books. Brianna is starting to try to guess the words based on the pictures. Alot of the time she gets it right, but then that isn't reading is it? I thought maybe we might take a whole language approach to the reading thing, but I just can't feel good about skipping phonics. Back to the Bob Books; I really want something that makes her feel good and gives her the sense of having gotten somewhere with the reading. I am going to see about checking it out tomorrow while we are at the library if they have them. If not I think I will just buy the first set and see how it works for us.

We have started a new tradition where every night she is going to read to her daddy. It will consist of reading her sight words, her blends, and then a short beginner book. I like getting daddy involved as he is very visual and likes to see what we have been up to.

What I want most is for her to love reading. I love reading, and I want her to experience the joy of sitting down with a good book and being so in the story that you feel like you are there.

It will come. I know. Maybe she gets her impatience from her mamma.

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