Friday, December 26, 2008


I actually think this is used way to often. I personally think that we have dumbed down our expectations for our children and have taken away learning experiences by plopping them in front of way too much TV, computer and game system time, instead of encouraging them to get outside and play,use their imaginations, and read. Then we judge their abilities based on a standardized test or milestones, without taking into account individual abilities. I myself am guilty and am trying to cut down the amount of TV time in our house, drastically.

Anyways, on to my point. I believe that my Bri may be "gifted" in math. I had purchased a pre-k math for her(she begged to start school) and she found it way to easy, so we moved on to Kindergarten. Now we are working through that book at a rate of 3 pages per day. She can add and subtract, and we have been working on telling time. The reason I point this out is because it made me so thankful that I can school my child at home. There is no way that traditional school would have been able to put her in 1st grade math while keeping her in kindergarten everything else. It could have killed her love of math, being bored in class.

Speaking of math, I finished her math mini-office today. I will add pictures of that soon. In the mean time here is a clip art site that I found that might be useful!

Educational Clip Art

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