Friday, August 15, 2014

Love the Journey Review and Give Away!!

I have a small handful of friends whom I consider true "Titus 2" women, and I hold them near and dear to my heart. While I have not met Marcia Somerville face to face (yet), I most certainly count her as one of these friends!!

Marcia has authored a new book entitled Love the Journey, where she writes in such a way that she'll become one of your 'friends' too!

There are three types of people who will benefit most from this book. Ready? They are...

1) Those considering Homeschooling
2) Those in the early stages of Homeschooling
3) Those who are seasoned Homeschoolers

I am in my eleventh year (wowza time flies) of home educating. {My son was 3 1/2 when he first said he wanted me to homeschool him. God knew He had to use my son to convince me, on my own I would not have looked seriously at the idea... Now that son is in high school in our home!!} I had some precious ladies who mentored me those first couple years. Before I purchased my first homeschool book, I sat down with a friend and poured out my heart on why I wanted to homeschool. I hoped that in my teaching, the boys would learn facts in order to know the Lord. Not just to know facts to puff themselves up. I went on to write out a mission statement that I could look at any time I started to question my sanity, consider sending them to public school, or feel pressure from outside well meaning sources. Much of what I did was like feeling my way through a new place, but with all the lights out. Like trying to travel to a destination that I had in my heart... with no road map. And by the grace of God, we press on! This book is a very helpful road map for the journey we are on as homeschoolers! Everything that I have learned along the way and wished to share with other homeschoolers is found in the pages of this book!!!

I love that Marcia uses Deuteronomy 6:4-9 to guide her writings. Here are the chapter headings to give you a taste of what's inside...

Section 1: Your Homeschool is YOUR Homeschool!

1. Why Do YOU Homeschool?
2. Do You Have a Guiding Star?
3. Clarifying the Ends We Have in Mind
4. Developing Your Pedagogy

Section 2: Mountaintop Views

5. You Share Who You Are
6. Keep Your Heart
7. Cross-Eyed Parenting
8. Training in Liberty
9. More Isn’t Always Better
10. Who Are Your Best Friends?

Section 3: When You Sit At Home

11. The Husband Suitable for You
12. Keeping a Quiet Home
13. Schedules and Structure
14. A Time to Plan
15. Looking Far (Why We Don’t Need Classrooms)
16. What to do with Preschoolers?
17. Face Time
18. Managing Chores
19. Questions, Categories, and Consequences

Section 4: As You Walk Along the Way

20. Gender Differences
21. Why Modalities Matter
22. Lesson Planning with Modalities in Mind
23. Tell Me the Story Again!
24. Useful Categories to Know When Considering Curricula
25. When Trudging is Called For
26. Choices, Choices
27. What About Memory Work?
28. Why Do Crafts?

Section 5: When You Lie Down & When You Rise Up

29. It’s About Commitment
30. Love is Patient
31. Love is Kind
32. Love Does Not Envy
33. Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

You know you are reading a fantastic book when your highlighter is going dry before you reach the end! Even after 10 years of teaching, I kept saying "AMEN!" or "OHHHH, good point!!" If you are just considering homeschooling, if you are already homeschooling, if you have one child or many children, if you use a formal curriculum or unschool or somewhere between, this book will have plenty of insights to help you press on!

Need a little more information? I recently found this link where you can download some samples to read!

This is a book that ought to be in every home educator's library! And I don't say that lightly. While I love books and think you can't own too many, I do live in a small space and have to choose my titles carefully. This book has secured a spot at the top of my 'must have' list!!

The Somervilles were kind and generous enough to provide me with a copy of Love the Journey in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Marcia, for the opportunity to read and share!!

The Somervilles were also kind and generous enough to offer to give away one free copy of this book to one blessed reader!!! Thank you, again, Marcia!!!

To receive 25% off Love the Journey hard copy or digital, use this coupon code MMH14LTJ. This code is good till August 25. Order here.

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Katy said...

This is our 7th year of homeschooling. It is quite an adventure. We have our good days and our bad...but I wouldn't change it! :)

I am *slowly* learning how to enjoy educating my children and not focus on a feeling of needing to be strict and rigid! :)

Justin Nancy C. said...

This is my first true year of homeschooling (she will be a kindergartener). And this book would be great to read to start off my journey.

Jamie Lapp said...
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Jamie Lapp said...

I am learning to love the journey of homeschooling by seeking to find the style that best fits my daughter so we can love the teaching learning journey together! It is a journey that I believe will be well worth the time and effort!

Slimming Down in Texas with Plexus said...

Would love a chance to win!! Thanks.

ourhearts4home said...

Good luck to everyone! I know you won't be disappointed in this book!

Keep watching, we'll have a 25% off code available soon for ya'll to use if you'd like to purchase a book!

Lisa Grace said...

Thus book is on my wish list already and more so now!

ourhearts4home said...

Ladies, we just received the coupon code for anyone wanting to purchase the book! I just updated the blog review with that code, take a look. :)

~Dawning Days~ said...

We are loving the journey one year at a time. Some years are a growing experience for all involved, other years are a joy. Praising GOd in all of it.

K said...

We are beginning our second year, having been called out of public school to do something better. What a joy to spend my days with my kids, even when the hours are challenging! Thanks for your generosity toward those of us learning the dance.

momma24 said...

I would love to read this book.

Lena Irwin said...

We have been homeschooling for 2.5 years and loving it. I am learning to let go of my fear of men and to adjust my expectations based on who my two different from me and from each other children are.

Mischelle said...

I am always eager to read books that will encourage me along the homeschool path. J starts 7th grade this year (goodness where has the time gone?!) and little L starts Kindergarten so we are heading into uncharted territory with #1 while #5 gets the benefits of not being #1 (heehee) :-) This book will definitely be going on my "Books to Buy" list. Thanks, Christa! :-)

Emily Wood said...

We are in love with Tapestry of Grace and have found great encouragement through their additional helps and encouragements. I would love to own this book as I'm sure there are many jewels to glean from it.

Amanda P said...

I am loving seeing my kids get excited about things they are interested in learning about!

Anonymous said...

I've been homeschooling since my kids were born and they are now 16and 13. We're now starting our 7th year using Tapestry and love it! I Love the Journey! So thankful and blessed to have this homeschooling opportunity...even on the hardest days!