Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeschooling Mosaics:The Peaceful Mom's Blog Planner Review

Click here to download the blog idea page
I am pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants blogger. I think of a topic, I sort of plan it out in my head, and I write. Of course, since I often write reviews and do giveaways this can lead to a bit of a problem. Due dates have never been my forte to say the least! Talk about ironic when I was asked to review a blog planner for Homeschool Mosaics!

Click here to download the weekly planning page
What I was wanting in a blog planner was simple. I needed something that didn't have tons of printable pages, columns, or too many pages to choose from. I found just that with The Peaceful Mom's Blog Planner! The Peaceful Mom blog planner offers a 6 page printable planner (found toward the bottom under "Blogging") with pages for daily, weekly and monthly planning, blog ideas, a password keeper, an affiliate tracking sheet and an accounting page. I really only used the weekly planner and idea pages because I find myself overwhelmed if I try to plan too much ahead and my blog doesn't make money so I didn't need the accounting page.

I loved the simplicity of the pages. Since I find myself overwhelmed with these sorts of planners quite easily it was great to have a nice crisp clean page to write on. I also loved that it didn't take a ton of paper or ink to print it out. After all free isn't free if it cost $10 in ink and paper! Which brings me to be best thing about this planner: the price. The Peaceful Mom offers her printable planner for free!

Since I do not monetize my blog, but I do review quite a few products, it would have been nice to have a page to keep up with my review items. You can do it on the monthly calendar, but I prefer more of a list approach since I may have one due in February and another due in March. Having them in one location would save having to print out several months worth of calendar pages.

I don't know if I have been cured of my spontaneous blogging bug, but if I definitely enjoyed the organization while it lasted!

This is a free product that I reviewed without compensation. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. To see my full disclosure visit the link at the top of the home page.

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Carrie Cannon said...

I fly by the seat of my pant too Anna...I really love how we all chose very different planners and I loved seeing how everyone used them...I loved how you pointed out that free isn't free if it cost you $10 in ink and paper!

Ginny said...

I am with you about needing a "nice crisp clean page to write on". Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this planner.

Carie said...

I also fly by the seat of my pants. Nice review :)

Dee said...

I enjoyed your review, Anna! Simplicity is key with me too.

Erika ~ Prey Species said...

I like the name - Peace is a very special commodity around here these days with a 6 month old in the house :) Great review!

Peggy Dalley said...

Another fly byer here. Great Review!

momma24 said...

great review!