Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apologia Astronomy Supplemental Resources

I know I have been the worst blogger ever these last few weeks. I will catch everyone up on our move soon, but now that we are in my parents house and in a school routine I have some time to share some projects with you!

This is our first year using a full on formal science curriculum. Last year we used Real Science 4 Kids Pre-Level 1 and loved it. It was just right for the stage that we were at. This year though, I decided to go with Apologia Astronomy for the first half of the year and Apologia Botany the second half. This post will focus on resources for Astronomy.

Before I get into the resources let me just do a quick non-sponsored review. We LOVE this science. I wanted something with real meaty information, just enough young earth creationism (I prefer to supplement in my own theology as much as possible, but wanted the book to have a definite young earth world view) and that was hands on. This science meets all three of those! We also added in the junior level journals, which like the curriculum, are fabulous!

This is going to get quite lengthy but I wanted to put all the information on one post to make it easier to find, and who am I kidding, it does better on Google that way too hehe. I will add to this list as we work our way through the curriculum. Some books will not be from a creation world view. I will put an (S) beside anything secular and a (OE) beside any Christian resources that take an old earth world view. I personally believe it is very important to teach my kids all of the views so that we can reason out together the flaws with the secular and old earth views. These will be appropriate for up to about 4th grade.

Reading List:


Exploring Our Solar System: The Stars (S)

This entire series is (S):
A True Book Mercury
A True Book Venus
A True Book Earth
A True Book Mars
A True Book Jupiter
A True Book Saturn
A True Book Uranus
A True Book Neptune
A True Book Pluto
A True Book The Sun
A True Book Constellations
A True Book The Moon
A True Book The Stars
A True Book The Solar System

Answers in Genesis Astronomy Resources

Picture Books and Fiction:

What Does the Sun Do?
The Sun is My Favorite Star
Happy Birthday Moon
I Want to be an Astronaut
What's Out There?
If You Decide to go to the Moon

Usborne (S):

First Encyclopedia of Space
See Inside Space
The Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space
Living in Space

Internet Resources:
Solar Eruption
Astronomy for Kids
NASA Solar System Exploration
DVD Resources:
In the Shadow of the Moon

Supplies for Experiments from the Text:

Home Science Tools Kit
Creation Sensation Deluxe Kit

Supplemental Science Experiments:

All about the Sun  (S)
Make a Solar Cooker (S)
Make a Solar Still (S)

Astronomy Art/Craft Projects:

Make a Paper Plate Sun
Make Your Own Sundial
Make a Planetarium Box

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Sela said...

This is a fantastic resource, thank you for pulling it all together! We'll be starting Astronomy in the fall, after just completing Human Anatomy & Physiology. I'm just starting to pull resource together, and this helps immensely. Keep up the good work :)