Friday, February 24, 2012

Yes, I Did Sell My Hair!

Most homeschooling mama's I know are always on the lookout for money making ideas. I have yet to stumble upon a get rich quick scheme that actually works, and have found that it takes, well, work to make money. Dave Ramsey keeps saying that work is a surefire money maker, but there is that part of me that wishes a money tree would sprout up in the back yard, behind my privacy fence. (I am *that* selfish, that I would not share with my neighbors. Good for you and may you earn extra God points if you do, that is if you believe you are on a point system...)

Anyway, last year I had really, really long hair. I decided I was going to get it all cut off. I left the house one morning to get groceries and when I pulled into the Kroger parking lot, the hair salon in the shopping center started calling my name. I decided that I had better do the hair thing first just in case my husband got tired of "babysitting" something happened and needed to go back home. It did by the way. Midway through my cut my husband called and said he got a call and needed to go to work.

I waltzed into the salon and greeted the hair stylist, Amber, who was going to take me from frumpy mom to fab mom. I sat in her chair and she asked what I wanted done. I picked up a book, flipped through it, and pointed. She gasped a little. I asked, "Are you scared?" She replied, "Nahh, I ain't scared if you ain't!" A side note - I wasn't scared when she said "ain't" because that is a real word in Tennessee.

She proceeded to wet my hair and just before making the first cut, I said, "I need you to put this in two pony tails, I am going to sell it." She complied and asked, "Is there a market for human hair?" (I wanted to say, "For real? Are you asking me this for real?") I told her there was and that I was going to put mine on ebay.

One $25 haircut and one ebay listing later, I was $30 richer. I sold those two ponytails for $55. WOOT!

This is the after shot, by the way.  I looked for a before shot, but could not find one.  It is hard to have pictures of yourself if you are always the one working the camera!

The key to making extra cash is to be creative. A lot of weird things will sell on ebay. Toast with Mary on it, the cane that had the ghost, or a chance to name someone's new baby. I do not recommend that last one, however.  It is a bit uhm, uncouth.

Good luck with whatever venture you decide!
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North Laurel said...

!!! Your post had me laughing so much!! I would *never* have thought of selling hair on ebay 0.0 <wide eyes!
Your hair looks great by the way :D

Jessica said...

LOL! Thanks! I may do a perm next!

Dani said...

I am actually am thinking about doing this myself! My daughter has donated her hair before to the Locks of Love before. We could use the money so I may sell mine.

Good to know that it sells on ebay!