Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homeschooling in the News: The Evolution of Homeschooling.

The same tired arguments about social skills, as if play groups and sports teams are the only ones capable of teaching our children how to socialize, but other than that it is refreshing to see an article that shed's a positive light on homeschooling and the homeschooling movement.

Anne Gebhardt’s kids are learning about geography -- in her dining room in
Bedford, Texas. It’s not your typical schoolhouse, but it’s one that Gebhardt
says is serving her six children well. "We can teach our religious values to our
children freely,” says Gebhardt. “We can teach anything that we want."

Gebhardt is part of a growing trend. Across the county, an estimated 1.5
million children are home schooled and that number's growing. In the span of
eight years, home schooling has grown nationally by almost 75 percent.

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