Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Years Sucesses and This Years Goals

I like to look back and see how far we have come each year. I have a similar blog post on my old blog from last year and reading back it is wonderful to see that even through all of my failures and short comings, my children are thriving at home.

This past year Brianna's reading really took off. She is reading above grade level. We are reviewing some of our special blends while doing a double speed 1st grade Abeka phonics curriculum. She was doing ok with it on her own but now that she is older and is able to retain it all better she is really picking it up fast. We have definitely fit into the "later is better" mold when it comes to reading. We switched approaches with math. The other was just not at comprehensive as I would have liked and so we are changing from a Spiral Approach (Horizons) to a Mastery Approach (Math U See). It is hard to get an idea of her progress when comparing the two, but a generic Internet test says she is doing just fine.

Keira is starting to read. She shocked me actually when I handed her, her first reader for this year. I don't remember working with her that much on reading (can you say Explode the code?!). Her math is average, but so far she is really doing great with Math U See.

This year we are just trucking on. I like that I have stopped putting alot of pressure on myself to live up to other peoples standards. It has really helped us relax and I think our learning is becoming much more natural. We are upping the number of worksheet type things we are doing, but over all we are still keeping it simple!

If you haven't take a minute to look back and write down some of your successes. Seeing where you have gotten it right definitely tends to give you a boost to carry on!

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