Friday, September 11, 2009

2009-2010 Molder School Year

Well we started the new year. Well actually it was 2 weeks ago, but we are really just now into the swing of things. Everything seems to be going great! Karl had the first of many "conversations" with a family member about why we are homeschooling, but he did well with his responses.

I guess I will start out by talking about what curriculum we have chosen this year. Brianna is kind of all over the place with grade level, which is one thing I LOVE about hs'ing! I can put her where she needs to be. So we are doing some k-5 math(ABEKA left over curriculum from mothers day out), 1st grade phonics (mainly review right now, LifePac/Explode the Code and some CLP for random practice work), reading, and then we do co-op 2 times a week and the sweet teacher up there works on random things. I love that we started a bit early as far as her age (she asked to). It has totally taken some pressure off of me. We go at a pace that is just right for her and I don't feel behind. Keira is working out of a bridge book. By this time Brianna was already doing school, but Keira needs the extra time. That's just fine with me. She is not as academic as Brianna and is definitely going to be alot more hands on with her learning. Again, something I love about hs'ing is the ability for me to taylor my children's education to their needs and even their desires!

We have a field trip to the Dallas Zoo on the 23rd and then to the Fort Worth Zoo on Oct 1st. We are also planning a group trip down to NASA with our co-op! I am very excited about that. We are actually going to do a big triangle and hit Houston, San Antonio and Austin! My older kids in the co-op are doing a Texas state notebook next 6 weeks so this is perfect!

We also started Artistic Pursuits. So loving it! I love having a real art curriculum. My kids get crafts and such at co-op so its nice to do some real art at home. It also has a bit of art history mingled in so that is a great bonus.

Well I think that is about it for now. Date night here so I am off to primp! Will post pictures soon!

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