Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Homeschool Schedule

Since things have changed so much since we started HSing in November (WOW, so long ago already!) I thought I would give you our current set up!

I dont start school at a particular time, mainly because Luke hasn't figured out our schedule, but we do always try to get it done in the morning.

Eat Breakfast
Get Dressed
Start school:

Pleadge of Allegiance
Girl Scout Pledge (because she is learning it for one of her petals)
Bible: Studying God's Word Book B-Right now we are learning about creation
Math-Horizon's K book 2
Reading-Spectrum and HOP K
Phonics-Spectrum K and Explode the Code B1
Writting and Penmanship-Writing with Diligence Grade 1 and she journals.

All together it takes us about 2.5 hours from start to finish with no breaks. You might be asking why we aren't doing any science or history. This is mainly because when I first started out I wanted to make sure that we were covering the three R's. Now as I have gotten more comfortable I have decided an actual curriculum is not necessary for those just yet. Next year we may add them in but I haven't decided yet. I usually try to write up our weekly lesson plan on Saturdays and even though we don't always get everything done, it at least gives us a goal to work towards.

There you have it!

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